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Every Question You Ever Had About Eyelash Extensions

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Do you ever find yourself wondering what are the pros and cons for eyelash extensions? Well look no further, we are going to answer all those burning questions right here.

First and probably the most commonly asked question is... How long do eyelash extensions last? As with the hair on your head, eyelashes follow a natural cycle of shedding and regrowth. All of your lashes are at a different stage at any point in time, which means that some of your lashes are getting ready to fall out while others are experiencing a period growth so the answer to this question is complicated and depends on many factors but the typical answer is 3-4 weeks under normal standards. Of course there are many factors that can affect the length of time that your eyelashes last such as rubbing your eyes, using oily products that can compromise the glue and applying mascara.

How often should I get a fill on my eyelash extensions?

Typically a fill is required every 2-4 weeks to keep them looking their best. Here at StudioLash co we require your fill to be performed no later than 3 weeks in between otherwise a new set will need to be scheduled. The reason being is lashes go through a natural shedding cycle and the longer between appointments the more lashes that will need to be taken off and administered which adds to the time your lash technician will need to remove old lashes, extra time to add additional lashes which in return adds to the appointment time needed to complete your eyelash service.

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

The average cost for a new set of lash extensions can range anywhere between $100-$250 and will vary depending on the type of eyelash extensions you choose.

Here at StudioLash co we charge $125 for a new full set of Volume Lash Extensions, $100 for a new full set of Hybrid Lash Extensions, and $85 for a new full set of Classic Lash Extensions. Our fill prices are lower and require less time to complete. A Volume Lash Fill is $65, a Hybrid Lash Fill is $55 and a Classic Fill is $45. Each set is priced according to the amount of eyelashes applied and the amount of time it takes to perform each service.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my eyelash extension appointment?

The answer is simple and not very complicated. First and foremost know your allergies. The product may contain common allergens like latex, formaldehyde, and various adhesives so knowing your sensitivities prior is important. Also it’s a good idea to stop use of all retinols, acids, scrubs, and acne treatments a few days before your appointment (and if you have concerns about sensitivity, talk to your dermatologist).

Other than that there is nothing to prepare for but I would highly suggest wearing comfortable clothing, skipping your morning latte if you have an early appointment and bringing your fully charged airpods so you can get the most relaxing and enjoyable appointment possible. Adding meditation to your playlist is an excellent option and may even help you nod off during your eyelash appointment.

Is there anything I should avoid after my eyelash extensions appointment?

Basically just the most common sense things you should do to avoid damage to your newly placed lashes are avoiding water on your new lashes for 48hrs after your appointment, and avoiding the use of oil and alcohol based products on your face for the duration of your lash life.

Also try to avoid rubbing, tugging or pulling on your eyes as this will irritate them and chances are you will rub off some of your eyelashes when doing so.


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