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Handmade vs. Pre-made Volume Lash Fans

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

If lashing is an art, then applying volume lash extensions is like mastering sculpture. Unlike classic lashing where the applications is one-to-one volume lash application is a dedicated dance performed between multiple lashes and involves weight, diameter and length - not to mention creating a perfect fam that ,int be carefully wrapped around the natural lash.

Creating a symmetrical fan can be tricky and takes great deal of practice and skill. And is often true with more complicated techniques , there are many companies offering volume lash extension supplies that bypass the practice altogether.

Creating a fan can be tricky altogether and takes great skill and practice. And is often true with more complicated techniques, there are many companies offering volume lash extension supplies that bypass the practice time altogether.

Enter the great debate - are handmade or pre-made volume fans better?


Like fingerprints, no set of natural lashes are the same. It's incredibly important that lash diameter, length and wight are precisely glances to protect a client's natural lash while also achieving the ideal look. Hand-making fans - while more complicate customizes the extension to the client's natural lash.

Pre-made fans, on the other hand don't provide as much flexibility to adapt to different lash textures, lengths or strengths. Additionally the artist doesn't have control over the amount of adhesive already on the fan, meaning there may be added weight due to having to dip the volume fan a second time. Without careful calibration on the part of the artist, the result could be a tighter likelihood of lashes falling out du to a weak bond.

Ultimately it comes down to the preference of the artist and what works best for you and your skill level.

As we've mentions, hand making fans is a time-consuming practice. Purchasing pre-made lashes can save you time and energy but nothing compares to custom fans made on the spot. At StudioLash co all fans are made during the service. We do not purchase pre-made fans.


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